The PLUM and HATS are designed for health and early childhood
workers to screen listening and yarning skills in children under 6 years of

Using the PLUM and HATS will give you an idea if bubs:

  • Have skills that are on track
  • Have skills that are borderline and should be watched
  • Need a hearing or speech referral ASAP

If you are more familiar with the PLUM and HATS checklists, you can download the non-pictorial versions below.

There are two options to use the PLUM & HATS.
Either download and print from this page, or click here to complete the online version.
The online PLUM & HATS versions are scored automatically and you will receive a report.

Fillable PDFs coming soon!

Quick Tips

The PLUM and HATS are free to download and use in your organisation or setting, this includes for use in research. We request that if you report or publish results from the PLUM and HATS, that you use the following citations as acknowledgement:

Ching, T. Y., Saetre-Turner, M., Harkus, S., Martin, L., Ward, M., Marnane, V., … & Kong, K. (2020). The Hearing and Talking Scale (HATS): Development and validation with young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in urban and remote settings in Australia. Deafness & Education International, 22(4), 305-324.

Ching, T. Y., Hou, S., Seeto, M., Harkus, S., Ward, M., Marnane, V., & Kong, K. (2020). The Parents’ evaluation of Listening and Understanding Measure (PLUM): Development and normative data on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children below 6 years of age. Deafness & Education International, 22(4), 288-304.