National Acoustic Laboratories would like to thank all the healthcare workers and teachers from Tharawal Aboriginal Medical Service and Warinwarin Tharawal Child and Family Centre in Sydney, Wurli-Wurlinjang and Binjari Aboriginal Health Services in Katherine, NT and Awabakal Medical Service, Awabakal Early Learning and Education Service and Birra Li Aboriginal Maternal and Child Health Services in Newcastle. They have contributed significantly to the co-production of the PLUM and HATS checklists and the validation of the checklists.

We are also grateful for the contributions from Caroline Jones, Chantelle Khamchuang, Eugenie Collyer and Jaidene Feyo from Western Sydney University.

We are also grateful to Kelvin Kong for his continual support for the PLUM and HATS project.

We would like to thank our partner and creative agency Rollingball Ltd for the marketing strategy and the production of visual, film and digital content. We thank 33Creative for media and public relations advice. A special thank you goes to Sarah Corrigan, who has provided us with cultural advice and insights.

Development and validation of the PLUM and HATS checklists were funded by a Prime Minister and Cabinet Grant. Refinement of the checklists and development of the website and messaging were supported by the Department of Health Discretionary Fund.