Quick tips for using the PLUM and HATS

What you’ll need:

  • Pen or pencil
  • HATS and PLUM checklists
  • Scoring and interpretation form

Getting ready:

  • Look through the checklists
  • Login and watch the pre-recorded webinar here

Getting ready:

  • Read the instructions on the top of the page clearly to the family
  • Encourage the family to provide examples in their answer to each question
  • Remind them that when answering the questions about the child’s ability to talk and understand language, it can be any language
  • For each question, give the family an example that is appropriate for the age of their child

Scoring and using the score form:

  • The completed score form should be filed in the child’s record
  • The score form can be photocopied to give to families

Talking with families about results (interpretation):

  • If a score is in the white area, the child’s skills are not on track. A referral to an audiologist (PLUM) or speech pathologist (HATS) is recommended
  • If a score is in the grey area, the child is not on track on some skills. Check in again in 3 months’ time. If the score is still in the grey area, refer to an audiologist or speech pathologist for standard assessments
  • Offer the “Yarning at Home” booklet/download to every family. It contains suggestions about what they can do to help their child develop language and highlights the important role parents play in their child’s development